Hilsen til Nepals studentunion (ANNFSU)
Følgende hilsen ble sendt fra Ungkommunistenes 2. forbundsstyremøte.

Comradely greetings from the Communist Youth of Norway (UngKom)

We, the Young Communist Youth of Norway (UngKom), extend our heartfelt greetings and solidarity to the All Nepal National Free Student Union's 20th General Congress.
        We are grateful for the invitation to attend your Congress and celebrate the victory of the Nepalese people in establishing the young Republic of Nepal, but regrettably we are not able to attend. Still, we hope to be seeing you at the 17th World Festival of Youth & Students in South Africa in December.
        It is very interesting for us to learn more about the work of the ANNFSU and other movements that have hands-on experience in revolting against reactionary forces such as King Gyanendra in his violent attempt to re-establish autocratic rule in Nepal. We believe that our continued contact and friendship will be mutually beneficial in order to gain the knowledge and experience in maintaining the workers' struggle against imperialist and reactionary forces worldwide.
        UngKom has recently been through the process of re-establishing our organization as the Norwegian Communist Party's youth wing, after the previous leadership failed to maintain the organization. We are happy to report that our organization is once again on track, and that we are ready to resume our leading role in organizing the communist and progressive youth in Norway.

Fram for marxisme-leninismen! Folkemakt mot pengemakt!
(Forward for marxism-leninism! People's power against capitalism!) 

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