Kondolanse fra WFDY

The WFDY Message of
Condolences and Sympathy
to the Victims of Deadly and
Insane Bomb Attack in Norway

The World Federation of Democratic Youth has received with great shock the terrible news on
the massive assassination of Norwegian young people gathered in a camp of the Norwegian
Labor Party youth wing. It has left more than 92 people dead with the loss of leading young
leaders of the country.

We strongly condemn this insane act as well as the bombing of the headquarters of the
Norwegian government and we underline that the right of association, freedom of expression
and political initiative should never be stopped by any means of violent, whether they come
from individuals or from organized groups.

On this sad occasion, we would like to convey to the families and friends of those who lost their
life our most deep sentiments. Together with them we are mourning this terrible loss.

The World Federation of Democratic Youth

CC Headquarters, Budapest

23 July, 201

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